Diving into Tea Dive

Tea Dive is a fledgling tea company in Bellingham, Washington determined to bring premium tea from around the world directly to you. Gabriel and Dan are building this labor of love from scratch- their goal? Making you fall in love with tea culture!

Gabriel really likes tea a lot! He worked in the wine industry for 18 years before discovering tea is just as complex and exciting. He’s since dedicated himself to experiencing and learning the art of tea. He’s been sharing his passion teaching workshops and presenting at the Northwest Tea Festival since 2017.

Dan is an award winning artisan cheesemaker with 15 years of experience in production operations, retail, food safety, and quality management. He’s always had a love for food, and food culture.  He recently traveled to Japan where he got to experience their wonderful teas straight from farm to tea houses.

Our first release is a collection of Japanese teas.  These four teas are from a small family owned tea garden in Shizouoka.  Their two hectares are farmed organically and they are considered a pioneer of natural farming in an otherwise highly industrialized industry.  We chose these teas to start out with because of their high quality, and diversity.